Memorabilia on eBay Today!

This page thanks to eBay is your direct line eBay search facilities without being on eBay until you wish to commit yourself.

Essentially it is animated adobe flash viewing screen eBay search facility below with predetermined keyword search sequence i.e; British Legion.  

How It Works

It is a real time viewing  screen of what is for sale on eBay at this very minute. If you then click on the miniature picture a new screen appears with an enlarged picture of the item that you are interested in. Included on this new screen is a multitude of data related to the item.

Useful Data

For instance you will find useful data starting at the top right hand side of the screen you will find the description of the item, the time remaining in days, hours and minutes. Current bid indicates the highest bidder and how much they are bidding. Amongst the other data you will find details of the seller, how many bidders, and how many views the page has had.

View & Bid

If you wish to bid yourself for the item there is this great View & Bid button that once clicked on takes you directly to the page.

Search eBay

Right on the bottom of the screen can be found Search eBay which can be used as if you are on eBay.

Try it out and then email what you think?

If you do not have an Adobe Flash Player then download one now!

British Legion Memorabilia for sale on eBay Today!