The British Legion Memorabilia Collectors Club


From time to time you may find important pieces of our history in the most unlikely places. Your attic for instance may yield some surprising finds such as old documents and books, medals or old pieces of uniform, or you may see an item pertaining to our history in a local antique shop. These items may have little commercial value but as pieces of our history they may be priceless!

If you do possess or see any items that you feel could be of interest to us please let us know.


News: February 2011

The British Legion Volunteer Police Force

The club has now acquired in a recent sale, Volume 18 No.5 British Legion Journal for November 1938 which covers the events leading up to the forming and disbandment of The British Legion Volunteer Police Force with some original photographs taken by the late Warwickshire County Cricketer and first world war hero Jack Parsons MC.

Exhibitions and New Entries for 2011

We are planning to have an exhibition of American Legion National convention delegate medals (badges) in the second quarter and a new collection of Royal British Legion Scotland conference lapel badges which will be added as permanent additions.



British Legion Scotland

Conference Badge

1967 Edinburgh